Building garden shed 2mx2.6m - Garages & Sheds job in Wimbledon, South London

Job description

I would like someone to construct a shed I have bought from Homebase.

The model is Sumu Log Cabin

Manufactured from high quality Scandinavian softwood.
19mm log wall thickness.
Green mineral felt roof.
Two fixed styrene windows.
Size: Width 260cm x depth 200cm x height 211cm.

The concrete base has been laid already just needs the shed to be constructed.

* The following information was added Friday, 29th May, 2009 :
Sorry - The shed walls are not prefabricated as one whole piece - the shed has individual slats which slot together to build the walls of the shed. So the garden shed needs to be built from the ground up.

This is the website with building instructions:

The following is a complete list of components, including screws and nails, for the cabin.

All dimensions are in millimetres(mm) :

Door jamb, DS2: 1 of 1610mm ; Door handle
Door 810 x 1610mm(plus left-hand jamb),
Eaves fascia board, W: 2 of 2200mm
Gable diamond, X: 2 of
Gable fascia board, V: 4 of 1480mm
Plexi-glass, window PX8: 1 of 520 x 620mm
Plexi-glass, door PX28: 1 of 665 x 575mm
Window, 1 of 690 x 590mm

Floor beam, FB: 5 of 50 x 50 x 2360mm
Floorboard, FC: 26 of 18 x 90 x 1750mm
Foundation beam, FA: 4 of 3000mm
Roofing nails
100 of 15mm Flooring nails,
400 of 45mm Screws, SU1: 25 of 40mm

Gable triangle, G: 2 of 2600mm
Gable fascia cover board, V1: 4 of 1480mm
2 Air Vents
Roof board, 50 of 1430mm
Roof/ridge beam, 3 of 2200mm
Roofing felt, 1 roll
Skirting board, FD1: 2 of 19 x 45 x 2360mm
Skirting board, FD2: 2 of 19 x 45 x 1725mm
Wall board (full height with cut-out): 1 2600mm
Wall board (half height), L: 2 of 2000mm
Wall board (longer), N: 2 of 2200mm
Wall board (rear), K: 14 of 2600mm
Wall board (short, front), B: 18 of 400mm
Wall board (short, front), C: 8 of 1334mm
Wall board (short, front), D: 5 of 274mm
Wall board (sides), M: 26 of 2000mm

* The following information was added Friday, 29th May, 2009 :


Feedback for A-Spec Carpentry Ltd

Jonathan built a logcabin shed for us today. He did a fantastic job and we are really happy with his work. Jonathan was very polite and knowledgeable. He built the log cabin to a very high standard and his skill was evident in the finished product.
We were surprised how quickly he worked - Jonathan didnt muck about ! He just got on with the job. When the shed was built he took the time to explain what he'd done and why. For example, he said he'd left a gap between the skirting board and the floor boards to allow for expansion in winter. This simple courtesy was great and answered a question I would have asked - because I no know nothing about these things.
We will definitely recommend A spec carpentry to our friends and neighbors. Excellent job, Excellent price, Excellent result! Thank you very much.