Various plastering repairs for 3 bedroom house. - Plastering job in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Job description

This is for a three bedroom 1946 semi detatched brick build house.

Our kitchen (approx 12' x 12') has been totally gutted and due to electrical work etc has various holes in the walls and ceiling which need reparing, replastering doing and a final skim to finish off the room for the new kitchen and decorating.

Our lounge (approx 10' x 20') has some loose plaster and hollow patches, so the surface layer will need to be removed, replaced and skimmmed ready for decorating in the whole room.

The stair wall (approx 11' x 20')has been covered in textured paint, so we would like this to be covered for redecorating. The ceiling for the landing ceiling (approx 4' x 12') has been covered in the same textured paint and needs covering for painting with good old fashioned white emulsion.

In our bathroom we have had one wall (6' x 10')damaged by over enthusiastic tile removal with damage going back to the bricks in some places so that will need to be repaired. There are also some patches on the second wall which need repairing due to electrical work, but not enough for the whole wall.

Finally the master bedroom (approx 10' x 12') has the same hideous looking textured paint on the ceiling. The walls are thankfully plain, but cracked and a little rough so would like a little skimming over for redecorating.

About the textured paint. It isn't full on artex (hurrah I hear you cry!), there appears to be alot of grains of sand or similar in the paint, so the grains are no more than 1 - 2mm from the wall. I hope this helps.

To start ASAP. Thank you.


Feedback for MRG plastering services

Matthew went beyond the call of duty when items in our bathroom suite did not fit. He sorted it out and our bathroom looks lovely. Plastering was nice and smooth. looks like a new house.