Annual boiler service - Gas Work job in Paignton, Devon

Job description

We are seeking a gas safe registered engineer to give our Ideal Logic Es 35 boiler an annual service and supply the relevant registered paper work for the job, to maintain the service history of the boiler. It is now two years old, it was serviced at this time last year and has not had any problems at all and is now coming up to the expiration of the two year warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Please only respond if you are going to quote us a reasonable price.


Feedback for cosy homes

Scott arrived very punctually, bang on time for our annual boiler service. After the formal greeting and hand shake Scott got down to business and gave our boiler the service, during the service Scott was extremely informative. Our current house is new to us and so is everything in it, so not only did he service the boiler, he explained some do's and don'ts regarding the boiler and offered helpful advice. He also explained the information on the print out from his test equipment, as to read, it means nothing to a layman, he then filled in the service history in our boiler service log.
Our house has a dual zone thermostatically controlled central heating system and we were completely unaware of how it all worked, having only moved in a few months ago, so no central heating had been used, just the
hot water side had been in operation. Scott actually asked us if we knew how it all worked and we said "No", so he took us to the two computerised thermostats and showed us how to programme the controls and changed the on / off times and temperatures through the four settings to suit our requirements and then programmed these in to occur daily.
Scott is a very likeable, knowledgeable guy and we were very happy indeed with the service that he provided and the price charged and can confidently recommend him, so much so, that when he left I said to him see you next year for the next service.