Brick wall 13ft and landsacpe garden - Landscape Gardening job in Middle Park, South London

Job description

We would like a quote on the following jobs please:

A brick Wall with railings in between - 13ft long and 4 ft high.

Landscape garden 100ft and fix 3 panels of fencing.


Feedback for a & j building servies

Started off well enough and then started to show a lack of knowledge and general professionlism. Spent money given for materials on RENT! Ended up refusing to do any more work and WALKED away from site and did not return because he again wanted additional payments when work was not up to standard. I Ended up getting another builder (Build4u off this site) who managed to not only take on what this 'tradesman' had started but finish it in a week and too a high standard. I would seriously suggest that you avoid A&J, they are unreliable, greedy, unprofessional and worst of all, in-experienced. An absolute idiot who is a waste of time and money. Oh, and his wife tends to get involved in the action too, she also isn't worth speaking to as she isn't too bright either. If you do hire him, watch out for when he brings his dad into help as this indicates he's probably running out of money and ideas...

a & j building servies's reply:

I am James Father and I am not a builder I am disable and can not work when I was working I was in management and treasurer of charitys and had a lot of work done and paid for it unlike Carrie and her husband