Restore front door frame - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Job description

My front door frame has started coming away from the wall, particularly at the bottom where it is quite rotten. I've pulled out the remains of a wooden block which I think was mortared into the brickwork for the frame to attach to.

The frame is fairly simple but has a half round plain glass window above the door. I'd like the paint stripping, any rotten or damaged wood replaced, the mortar in the brickwork around the doorway tidied up, and the plaster around the doorway on the inside of the house replaced. Finally the frame and door to be repainted in white, and new weatherproof mastic to be applied between the frame and the wall.

I can supply photos if required.


Feedback for Arthur Construction

The rotten parts of my front door frame have been expertly replaced with new wood, and the frame and door stripped, prepared and repainted. I'm very pleased with the work that was done. The entrance to my house now looks great, and the door no longer sticks. I would definitely hire Arthur Construction again in the future.