Repair of long fence - Fencing job in Norwich, Norfolk

Job description

The previous owners of my house had a number of renovations done including the installation of a boundary fence of nearly 200 feet long, installed only a few years ago. They planted a series of ornamental trees against it. It looks good though some of the posts have rotted and the fence is beginning to lean in places. There are longer term problems too as the trees have been planted rather too close to the fence.

Can you come and have a look as soon as you can? So we can talk through the options?

Rebecca Stott


Feedback for Conkers

STAY WELL AWAY. These guys are cowboys. I needed a long fence replaced. They did a shoddy but expensive job to start with and when I asked them to fix/ repair when the fence started to lean, first they agreed to do it when they saw how bad the fence was, then they gave me a string of broken promises, ignored my calls, were rude, aggressive, lied, gave me endless excuses and failed to apologise for endless days of no-shows in which I had taken days off work in order to be in for them to do the repairs. This went on for a five month period. Even the receptionist/ telephonist is a family member and joined in the lying/ excuses too. I've had building work of many kinds done for thirty years, several full house renovations, and understand that tradespeople run into trouble and can't always deliver on their promises, but this was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever had - incompetence and dishonesty at every level and at the highest levels.

Conkers's reply:

We did erect a fence several years ago that 3 of the circa 28 panels have slightly dislodged in the incredible wind we gave had, not my warranty. I agreed to remedy, for free as a goodwill gesture and booked the work in (she wont leave a gate open) first time my son caught COVID so we locked down, twice rained off in storms,3rd time operative caught covid, all pinged and yesterday my son in law could not attend as his wife, my daughter was rushed into hospital for an emergency caesarean. We have not lied, not been rude and deliver an excellent quality of workmanship, yesterday this woman, who new of the seriousness of our girls situation, berated, belittled and verbally abused my wife to tears.

Madam the world has been gripped by a pandemic with many people having to isolate at a moments notice, the weather has been atrocious rendering it unfit to work outside, yet you insist on an appointment at a given date and time for us to carry out this freebie favour. Your inflexibility has caused the delay, not us!

Yet I am still prepared to do this act of goodwill for you because I have said we will. I certainly want my daughter home first and I think an apology to my wife would be the correct thing to do.