Knock garage down and landscapeing - Landscape Gardening job in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Job description

A garage needs to be noked down as its very old and no use. Then the front and back gardens are overgrown. Need cutting down and landscaping. Preferebly with a mini digger as its quite a big garden and not even. All rubish disposed off and bring garden up and ready to pave.


Feedback for Landscape & Garden Solutions

This man was absolutly rubbish. He promised to do everything efficiently and on time therefore over priced me. Pressured me into paying him the majority of my money, he then came in with a few school kids and started work. A few days in already he'd damaged the pebble dash on the exterior of the house and had made a mess of the over all job. Worse then what cowboys would do. He then stopped coming and not responded to my calls and messages since. its now costing me double the price to sort his mess out. A bit of research revealed that him and his father are convicted conn men. They've served a prison sentence in the past for conning people in the same way they've recently conned me. Stay away from this man!
Im dissapointed with mybuilder site as they just seem to advertise and recomend anyone as a tradesman without even doing the basic checks on them first.