Preparing and painting front door and frame - Painting & Decorating job in Taunton, Somerset

Job description

My front door needs a facelift. It needs sanding down and repainting preferably before 4th September.


Feedback for Mario Maintenance Services Ltd

I had had to reschedule the work a couple of times, but Mario arrived yesterday absolutely on time. He always texts to say what time he will be arriving. He and his workman were very polite and professional, explained how they were doing the job and proceeded to prepare the door and frame for painting very efficiently, clearing up every bit of dust afterwards. Unfortunately it began to rain just as Mario was finishing the undercoat, so they had to cover the whole door and frame with plastic and were unable to return later in the day as planned, to do the first topcoat. We arranged for him to return today to complete the job, which he did. As it was mid afternoon on a Friday I had suggested that I would do the final coat myself over the weekend as there just wasn't time for him to do this today and I am away next week. We agreed this was the best solution, and it wasn't his fault that he couldn't complete it yesterday as the weather forecast had said it would be dry! The work was done beautifully and carefully and I would highly recommend Mario to anyone. I have asked him to do another job for me.