Refurbishment of ground floor in terraced house - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Manchester, Lancashire

Job description


We are interested in renovating the ground floor of our terraced house and would like to get a rough idea on the cost and time frame of work. :) Currently the entire ground floor is 1 open plan room, with a small kitchen in the ‘extension’ bit at the back of the house, with a sunken floor about 8inches lower than the rest of the room. There are two chimneys that are covered and plastered over along one side of the room, with the bottom of the stairs (walled off) running along the other side of the room.

We are interested in getting the below work done:
Knocking in and hollowing out both chimneys, possibly leaving exposed brick as a feature in the room and if not, to at least follow out the space.
Knocking through the wall below the staircase that divides the space from the rest of the room, to create a wider feel.
Raising up the flooring of the kitchen to put in level with the rest of the room, which can result in possibly raising up the door that leads to backyard, and back window as well?
Extending the kitchen from the small extension space into the living room to create a tiled, kitchen diner area, and knocking through the small wall that currently divides the kitchen to the living room now.
Raising up a wall to create a small kitchen/diner space and a large front sitting room, and having double doors in this wall with the option to open up the room again.

We’d also like to hear from your past jobs if you have any experience in working and refurbishing terraced houses/narrow living spaces, and what layouts/conversions worked and didn't work.

I have made a diagram which I can send which illustrates the work we would like to have done, and would love to have a quote in person.

* Added 9th August, 2017 :
This is a house we have just moved into, we are the owners of the property
Built around 1907-1911.
Skills needed: Bricking(fireplace?) as well as possibly moving window facing backyard, flooring(indoor tiling and carpet), plumbing/electricity to move components around in layout of kitchen, and wall/plastering (building new wall)


Feedback for YMB Building Service

Robert refurbished our entire downstairs, including raising our kitchen floor, bricking up an old doorway, moving and replacing RSJ beams, putting up partition walls, installing new external doors, replacing lead water pipes, tiling, plastering, under-floor heating, uncovering and restoring an old chimney breast, installing new plug sockets etc etc. All-in-all nearly 2 months of work. He's undoubtedly a likable guy and explained everything clearly as he went along. We were generally happy with the quality of the work and the rate he charges is very competitive. Our only negative is that towards the end he would often turn up hours late or, on numerous occasions not at all. He became increasingly difficult to contact and we found this incredibly frustrating. Eventually however all work was completed we would rate our overall experience as mostly positive.