Minor gas plumbing - wimbledon - Plumbing job in Wimbledon, South London

Job description

would like a quote on some minor gas pipe work at our house.

(See attached photos)

We have recently moved our front door backward into the porch, it was previously flush with the front of the house.

Also, gas works have been carried out in our street/area with our meter being moved outside to the front of house. Previously the meter was inside and above the (old) front door. All of which has left us with uneccesary pipe work in our (new) porch. From the photos you can see the internal (after gas meter) gas piping simply loops up and back to where the old meter was an then continues into the house.

I think gas is still running through all of it, but not certain. The group of guys moving the meter were not obliged to consolidate this in anyway. What we're after is a consolidation of this pipe work so it's cleaner and easier on the eye - preferably straight into house from the meter under the floorboards (see photo of inside corner behind the door).

Floorboards easily lift up. Thanks in advance for any quote.


Feedback for Gas Aces Alton

Great job, exactly what I was after and quote was honored.