New build garden two levels full work - Landscape Gardening job in Llanelli, Dyfed

Job description

I have two levels to my garden and want the top level to be done half paving slabs and other half stone pebbles.

Bottom half in artificial grass as i need low maintenance as disabled.

I also need good drainage system on lower level.

Depending on cost was thinking of decking area also up top level.

Easier if you come out and have a look on what i have at the moment and what i am looking for.

I am also happy for you to use your designer and knowledge in business to come up with ideas. I want a top quality low maintenace garden with quality drainage.

Easier to con tact me via email and text on mobile.


Feedback for Landmark Building & Design Limited

You mention about why I have not contacted you by phone. I have contacted you on following dates - 19/09/17, 22/09/17, 26/09/17, 02/10/17, 16/10/17, 20/10/17, 23/10/17 and 31/10/17. Then you get in touch on 08/12/17 on here via secure message only because admin of site been in touch with you and for no other reason as you have ignored me for over 2 months and you are making out that all this is my fault. All work comes with a warranty. You agreed that quality is not right as you originally offered to fix issue. You obviously never had any intention of putting it right as no replies and false promises proves this. The roof of shelter has bowed in the middle and rain does not run off roof and all the wooden structures are soaked through. I will have to pay to get someone to re-do the whole job. I do not wish for you to come and fix this issue as I have given you ample opportunity and want the £490 that I paid you refunded. I have always paid you on time and for everything you have asked so I also don't appreciate you mentioning about extra sleepers as the only extra sleeper you have fitted was for the lower level and I paid you for that. In fact I have paid you over £4000 for all the jobs and I feel that you have been less than professional in dealing with my concern and issues over the shelter.

I would like my money refunded in cash (like I paid you) by 28th December. If I do not receive my money by then I will have no option but to seek a refund via small claims court.

Landmark Building & Design Limited's reply:

First of all, we did the job which you originally posted to your complete satisfaction! Hence why you gave us a superb review which was later withdrawn. You were so happy with your job carried out,that you asked to built you a rain shelter,total cost including labour and material 490,- pound. I did do the work for you and before I left ask you to check,you stated that you loved it and that was it.
A week later you text me and mentioned two things you weren't happy about.
1.) A few screws were to long and sticking out.
2.) There was a downpipe attached to the house wall and we did cut around that pipe,leaving a gasb between roof and pipe.
To the first point you raised, I completely agreed with you to replace those screws with the appropriate length of screws.
To number two, I refused to seal the gab between pipe and roof as the purpose was a rain shelter and not a watertight shed! You got a space of approx.11 sqm which is a shelter and reflect in the price. We didn't give you a written quote which we did on the job originally stated.I have learned from this experience never to take any job on without a written quote. Iam sad to experience a change from a happy customer to an unsatisfied one.
My phone is available 24\7 by the way.nevertheless,I did try to put things right but you refused as it is stated in your review. Iam looking forward to have an objective judgement on that matter without personal comments and would also recommend to put things in writing to clarify.