Patio/french doors to back garden - Windows job in Balham Hill, South London

Job description

We currently have french doors in our kitchen leading to our back yard. They came with the flat when we bought it and the craftsmanship was not that great. there is a 5mm gap seemingly all around the doors and when it rains heavily it rains in through what seems to be the masonry around the doors. Basically we are looking to replace the doors either with sliding/padio doors or french doors again. If there is a problem with the brickwork around the doors we would also quite like this to be looked at (I'm not sure if it may need to be damp proofed.

I've probably not selected the correct type of job/project title above but I thought that was closest to what we required. Basically could you quote for best case senario - supplying and fitting new doors (timber or upvc acceptable). and worst senario - supplying and fitting new doors as well as sorting out the brick work around them.


Feedback for taylored windows

Fantastic job - completed in one afternoon, left area really clean and tidy. Our new doors are perfect. I would definitely recommend.