Window extractor - Windows job in Kettering, Northamptonshire

Job description

We would like a quote for a replacement window panel with an extractor to be installed in our mother's kitchen. We also require window security locks to be installed allowing the windows (2) to be opened to air the kitchen without causing a security risk. The property is rented and therefore you would need to liaise with the agency in Kettering to get access to do the quote and then to do the installation. The tenant has allowed condensation to build up so that black mould is all round the windows. We therefore need something that will work automatically. If this is something you can do please get in touch by email.


Feedback for P.C.S Window and door repairs

Our mother's property had a serious mould problem in the kitchen extension. As the bungalow was rented it was difficult to ascertain the root cause because we did not know if the tenant was using the extractor or opening the windows. PCS removed and reinstalled a pvc window pane with an extractor installed that works with a humidistat. It works on its on when steam or damp is detected and is wired into the electrics so 'tamper' proof as we had no way of enforcing the tenant to switch it on and off when required. Now that the tenant has left the property we have cleaned the mould that built up on the walls and ceilings, the extractor is working well and the damp problem appears to have gone. Our problem was quite a common one apparently where people (not just tenants) tend to keep windows closed while cooking and not using extract fans. So thank you Peter for helping us to sort out the problem.