Installation of a mira electric shower - Plumbing job in Waltham Abbey, Essex

Job description

This project involves installation of a Mira Sport Thermostatic (9.0kW) electric shower for my elderly parents. This precise model is required, as it contains a thermostatic mechanism to prevent excessive water temperature if the water pressure varies.

The project involves both plumbing and electrical work, which must be carried out by qualified person(s). A certified BS7671 Electrical Installation Certificate (for the new work) will be required upon completion. All tools and materials (including the shower) will need to be supplied by the installer).

The existing bathroom (in a 1960's bungalow) adjoins the garage, where electricity and mains water are available. Both the pipework and electrical cabling shall be run in the garage.

The electrical work is described as follows:

  1. A 100A Double Pole service connector block will need to be installed to provide a connection point for new 25mm2 tails to a new separate shower consumer unit (there are no available ways in the existing consumer unit). The existing tails to the existing consumer unit will need to be reconnected to the service connector block, and new 25mm2 tails will need to be provided to the meter. There are no seals on the main service head fuse, or on the meter. Final connections should therefore be possible without the involvement of the DNO.
  2. The new shower consumer unit shall be installed which shall contain a 63A Rated 30mA double pole RCD and a 40A MCB.
  3. A 50A double pole pull cord switch shall be located in the bathroom. The wiring will need to enter from the side (into a surface mounted patress box) via a hole to the adjacent airing cupboard. A second hole will be required in the back of the airing cupboard to allow the cable to be routed to and from the garage.
  4. Cabling shall be in 6mm2 twin and earth clipped direct.
  5. The cable shall enter the shower unit from the rear via a suitable hole in the wall (cavity 11 inch construction).

The plumbing work is described as follows:

  1. There is an existing 15mm lever valve on the mains water located in the garage (see photo). A new elbow and tee soldered copper connections will need to be made off the top of this valve, to create a 15mm branch for the new electric shower.
  2. From the new branch connection, copper pipework shall be run to the shower position (see photo). A 15mm service valve shall be fitted before the pipework goes through the wall to the back of the shower in the bathroom.
  3. A 15mm copper soldered 'Street Elbow' is required to make the final connection to the shower. (Note that the installation instructions for the shower can be downloaded from the Mira website).
  4. The shower shall be commissioned in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

The work is required as soon as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions. Payment will be made upon completion of the work, and after the Electrical Installation Certificate has been provided.

  • Added 24th August, 2011 : Please quote on an 'All inclusive' basis, including all meterials (including the Mira shower), labour etc. to form a complete and operationsal installation.


Feedback for RBC Plumbing & Heating LTD

Rob did an excellent job of installing an electric shower for my elderly parents. He was considerate, professional in approach, and tidied up very well afterwards. The electrical work was carried out by a equally professional colleague to a neat and professional standard. Certified electrical testing documentation was provided promptly afterwards. Rob also completed another job whist on site, which was not easy being in a very constrained loft space. Overall we would have no hesitation at all in recommending Rob for similar projects.