Front porche - Extensions job in Orpington, Kent

Job description

My house is a 1957 brick built semi-detached with a dog leg bay and a concrete slab over the front door. I am looking to have a porche built across the front of the house from the end of the bay, but not attaching, to the outside edge of our house. This measures 2300mm (210 - 475 - 930 - 475- 210) long and 1000 mm deep and 2120 high. Cavity walls, two dglazed windows to the front, either side of the front door (which is in the middle) and two small windows to the sides. Apex tiled roof. Double Glazing is in light oak sculptured affect. - this will need to be matched with existing. I have nearly a pallet of london company bricks to use (left over from my previous project) and I understand that I will probably only need another 60 bricks. We also have sufficent roofing tiles to use on the project, again left over from another job We also have the PDC and damp coursing and cavity wall installation,so we have all of the materials needed - just need someone to put it together...

* The following information was added Monday, 20th April, 2009 :
I advised that we will provide materials, but only the ones that I have already noted - everthing else will need to be supplied so quotes to include any additional materials/dglazing.


Feedback for Castile Construction Limited

Very thorough, which means quotes are accurate - no hidden costs. Work very cleanly and are polite. Built to a higher standard than I had envisaged so very pleased with the outcome.