Build superstructure for extension - Bricklaying job in Thamesmead, South London

Job description

I am in the middle of a self-build as it has been a challenge getting a building company to quote for my project. I have contracted out the foundations and need a bricklayer with structural experience to undertake the demolition of two existing walls and build new ones for an extension. The work involves constructing side and rear external walls, installing steel columns and beams, leaving openings for new windows and bi-fold doors and construction of a flat roof. Work needs to start immediately so if you have a crew and capacity contact me. I need the demolition work so I can get the remaining piles in and steel measured. Building control, planning permission and party wall agreements are all in place. If you are able to carry out the demolition and steel work alone, I'd be happy to hear from you too.

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I hired Lucian and his team to build the just the superstructure for our extension because I felt I needed someone with bricklaying experience rather than go for a 'building company' with a project manager. It turned out to be a great choice. They built the extension inside and out and did a really good job. I was impressed with their skilled craftsmanship in the bricklaying and plastering, especially with the type of structure and design we asked. Lucian's honesty and knowledge of his craft stood out. We were able to trust him to deliver and he took a personal interest and responsibility in making sure he delivered a good job. We asked other builders to quote and deliver their pitch but Lucian was the only one who didn't try to get us to change our design simply because it would make life easier for him. He would say if that's what the customer wants that is what he will do. If something needed to change because it made more sense he would give a good reason why, but still leave the choice up to us. On price, his company gave us a reasonable quote and a fair payment schedule, making sure they delivered on each milestone before payment. Lucian also solved problems created by other contractors we hired instead of walking away. When the steel suppliers installed the wrong height of columns, L&L provided a creative solution, saving us time and money. Even our architect was impressed by their work and knowledge. I would highly recommend Lucian if you have a building project.