Stable door to fit and windows - Windows job in Ramsgate, Kent

Job description


Could you please give me a quote for the jobs below.
As I do not any idea about prices, could you please give me 2 quotes: One for the five jobs listed below and another one for jobs 1, 2 and 3 only.

-1- Removing an old wooden stable door and replacing it with a new wooden stable door. The door frame and rainbar also needs to be replaced as the wood is rotten. Fitting of locks (and other standard door furniture) also required. I already have a supplier for the stable door (Wickes).

-2- The wooden frame of a double glazed windows is completely rotten. The frame will need replacing.

-3- The sill of a small wooden sash window is rotten and would need replacing.

-4- Kitchen window to be removed and replaced by a doubled glazed uPVC window. the size of the window is 1023 mm (height) and 1809 (length).

-5- bathroom window needs to be removed and replaced by a doubled glazed uPVC window. the dimensions are 1175 mm height and 967 length.



Feedback for Building service

Slavek fitted several double-glazed windows and a stable door. The fitting of the windows was OK, however the job done on the stable door was very disappointing. The door was put in the wrong way, the door was varnished but not sanded, and the lock ... does not lock.

My partner and I tried to call him/email him on many occasions. We managed to catch him only twice and said he will call in to fix it. However, on these two occasions, he did not turn up.

I am very disappointed as Slavek did make a very good first impression. he worked hard, was very polite, and stayed until 8 pm to finish the job ... in this case, maybe he should have gone home early and finished the job the following day.

i do accept that people make mistakes, and this is why I tried so many times to contact him before leaving this feedback.

I now have to call for joiner to turn the door round.