New gutter - Guttering job in Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Job description

The gutter outside my boys room leaks constantly! Someone has been out to fix it and was unsuccessful and despite frequent attempts to fix it was unsuccessful. I want a professional who can sort it out please.


Feedback for Prestige Roofing and Building

I had a botched job carried out on my leaky gutters from a "professional." The idiot couldn't sort my leaky gutter despite being out 4 times! I asked for my money back and he disappeared.

I didn't even have to tell William I had a rubbish job done on my gutters as he noticed straight away and explained to me in detail what he had to do to fix the botched job and fix the leak in my gutter.

I was extremely reluctant to believe that William would fix this due to my other negative experience but weeks later the gutter is still water tight! William is very professional, patient and great at his job! He's fab! Wouldn't hesitate to call on him to do anything else roof/gutter related!