2 floor rear extension - Extensions job in Watford, Hertfordshire

Job description


I am planning to build a 8 * 3 m2 rear extension on ground floor, and 4.5 * 3 m2 in the first floor. We have an approved plan now and have submitted the building reg designs too.

If interested, I can share the planning and building reg designs for the quotations.



Feedback for amaks building

Andrzej is a professional thief and working as a team. Same way as with lesley, he started the work on and off and took £14K money for material, and disappeared. You call him to come, and he assured you to come tomorrow, and then tomorrow and then tomorrow. Initial few times, you can believe, but this will happen until you lose hope.

I have already complained with Building standard, and Police and both of them have accepted the case for the investigation. In parallel, I am hiring a solicitor to take him to the court, as an investigation can only take him to Jail but can't retrieve my money, unless there is some money in his account, which they can freeze. On the top, I am talking to companies house to not allow him to close his account.

Be aware, he will soon open the company with others name, so always look if he is involved or associated with anyone else in the team.