Planning and building regulation drawings - Architecture job in Chiswick, West London

Job description

Hi, we are looking to extend and refurbish our Victorian house in Chiswick. We have a very good and detailed view of what we would like to achieve (full self made plans and specs available). However, we now require help in translating our designs into a set of technical drawings required to (a) procure a legal use certificate (extension is under PD), tender builders, and build it all.  As such I believe we are looking for an economical way to get the following done:

1) measured survey 2) planning drawings and submission to obtain certificate of law fullness (some advise welcome) 3) Building regulation drawings detailing the internal changes (incl notes etc.) 4) Structural calculations & construction drawings (as needed and in conjunction with structural engineer) which building regulation approval can be procured and the builders can (a) quote on and (b) build off.

The scope will likely include party wall notices and a Thames water build over application.  

Any design input or ideas of how things can be done better / more cost efficient that come to mind during the creation of the plans are of course very welcome. That said I don't believe we need the full "design and advise suite" full architects may be able to offer.  It's more about getting the actual plans together, get some advise around things we may have missed and get to a point that we can start with the project.  Also, we plan to have an number of selected and trusted builders quote on the detailed plans rather than having an architect put together a tender pack.