Drawings for extension - Architecture job in New Malden, Surrey

Job description

HI I need design drawings for a side extension of an old car port into a bedroom with shower room.


Feedback for Go To Planning Ltd

Never hire this person .
his plans were incorrect and he forgo a door to enter the extension.
forgot to put soak away on plans cost me an extra £2000 has building did not quote fo this.
took £645 to pay for building control application form me. did not pay the fees and it was only after I rang BC they told me this was not paid and he lied a number of times and finally after a few months admitted he had not paid. I still have not received this money back after almost a year.
I have to text and call him regularly to remind him of this debt and he usually just ignores it
if you can find another architect or maybe a child with a crayon use them at least they wont rip you off. Until today I gave him one more change to repay the last £200 he owes me but he just ignores me and has started to be very short with me. My builder were not help in recovering this debt