Moving an external door and window - Bricklaying job in Colchester, Essex

Job description

Currently in my kitchen I have a backdoor half way through which restricts the amount of cupboards I can install. I want to be able to fit more storage in future and to do so would mean moving a backdoor to the end of my kitchen to create a full galley kitchen. The house was built in 1918 and it is a brick house, there is also a peddle dash effect on top of the bricks all around the house. The space where the door will go also has a long window on it, this will need to be bricked up. There is also another small window made up of 4 small glass cubes i wish to be filled. I would also like to buy a new backdoor so the old one can be replaced after a new one installed.

I will be measuring the windows later and will update accordingly, hopefully with pictures too but was hoping to see estimates on cost/time to complete work.

Thanks Lewis


Feedback for M.A. SKINNER

I hired mark and his team to install a new backdoor in my kitchen along with bricking up the old one and a small window. He was very profession and efficient. I am very happy with the completed work and the cost, I would defiantly use him and his team again for future work and would recommend him to others. Thanks once again