Outbuilding back garden - Garages & Sheds job in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Job description

we need someone to help us to built an outbuilding brick and glass 4x6 m in the back garden, putting in a foundation (cement), removing and using parts of old structure, also with help in digging the pond in front of the outbuilding

* The following information was added Tuesday, 14th April, 2009 :
The photos show the existing small shed in the rear garden, backing onto a garage wall (on neighbouring property). This shed would need to be removed, and the new structure should cover a similar width (roughly 6.5m between the fences), start at the garage wall and extend roughly 4m into the garden. A concrete strip foundation would be nice. A roughly 4sqm hole, 1m deep with a ~ 30 cm raised brick wall with waterproof lining should go in front of the building for a pond.

* The following information was added Monday, 11th May, 2009 :
We are still waiting for the planning permission and will get in touch with those who have kindly given us a quote as soon as we do
Thank you everyone for your quick responses and helpfulness
Kind regards


Feedback for M Bown Construction

Michael and his team did a great job. He was always calm and very friendly, came up with really good suggestions and changed things when requested. It was a real
pleasure working with him. He and his team are very capable and we would recommend him to anyone wishing to build unreservedly. He got materials at very reasonable prices and clearly knew the trade. He also gave good recommendations for planning permissions etc. He is honest and gives incredibly good service for a very low price. Everything was finished to a high quality within the time agreed. We will certainly ask him again in the future for any building we need to have done.