Apply for the full planning permission - Architecture job in Herne Bay, Kent

Job description

Changing a single storey commercial property to the two-bed residential property, please find attached current plan and suggested a plan which has been marked with red colour which is the main refurbishment areas. If you are interested in this project, I would appreciate to provide me details of your job for this project as a fixed price along with other required payment to the council or other parties as well.

The property has been located in Herne Bay- Belting area. We got pre-decision for this project from canterbury council (find attached summary of the decision) but need to apply for full planning permission along with formal drawing...


Feedback for Richardson Architectural Design

Just wasting time, she is got no professional manner! First of all, she is a sole trader which is not a problem to be a sole trader but introduces herself as a managing director perhaps to influence people or misleading clients as well. Because from a legal perspective is not allowed to be called with this title unless would have a separate entity such as a limited company. Second of all, she wanted the full-service fee in advance with no flexibility!!! Usually, this type of service fee should break it down and also supposed to be built up with some TRUST relationship with the new client especially once we are aware that the client has got an own property and accepted the terms and conditions of the agreements... eventually, I refused to go further and I do not recommend her at all

Richardson Architectural Design's reply:

Rami contacted me to provide drawings for his project.I arranged a visit for Friday then Rami cancelled and requested it to be rearranged for the next day. I was fully booked but managed to fit him in. He requested a reduction of the quote to match another quote which I did. At the visit I explained the terms and he agreed so I carried out a full survey of the site.Afterwards the paperwork was sent to Rami he then said he didn’t want to pay until the work had been completed. As he didn’t agree to the terms, I explained that I couldn’t proceed any further and wished him the best of luck with his project. Its surprising that Rami has left negative feedback as I met all his requests initially and have not charged for the site visit and survey.