Extension to provide a new utility room to side of - Extensions job in Cannock, Staffordshire

Job description

House is detached with a separate detached garage
The houses integral garage(as was) has already been converted into 2/3 study and 1/3 utility room. We want to convert this all into a study.
We then want a new single story uility room building on the side of the house accessing this via the dining room external wall.Size will be around 4 metres + x 3 metres + dependent upon how close we can go to out garden boundary with this extension.
We are looking for a builder/company who can carry out all of this work for us, including doors, window, roofing, removing old plumbing and installing new etc etc.
Initially we want an estimate for the job so we can firstly decide how to fund this. We are hoping to proceed with this over the coming months

* The following information was added Saturday, 11th April, 2009 :
We have contacted the Councils Planning Department who have confirmed that Planning Permission isn't required for this work.
Were still waiting for the Building Regs paperwork to come through from the Council and we're currenly seeking quotes for having plans etc drawn up.

* The following information was added Sunday, 19th April, 2009 :
As of today (Sunday 19 April) we have been contacted by more than enough builders to enable us to obtain a number of realistic quotes for this work. We would be obliged if no futher builders contact us now.


Feedback for SandSBUILDING

Simon, Dave & Steve, did a cracking job for us in building & converting the above.
Not surprisingly there were a number of challenges in carrying out this work relating to appalling wet weather, access, levels etc all of which they overcame with some quite innovative solutions. Total job time was around 7 weeks which was really good considering issues that had to be overcome. We are really pleased with the result and would recommend them to anyone else who is considering similar work.
We're in Heath Hayes, Cannock and would be happy to let anyone come and have a look at the completed work who are thinking of having similar work done. In fact were getting Sands back to do some further work for us (board our lounge ceiling, put up new coving and decorate)...one day we'll be finished!
Barry & Carol jayes.