Removal of garage lintels and replaced with single rsj - Garages & Sheds job in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

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Job description

We have a detached pitched roof garage with 2 standard up and over doors with central pillar which are to be replaced with a single roller door. A local has company already sourced to install the new door.

The project involves: - the removal of the 2 lintels - the removal of the central brick pillar which the lintels rest upon. - calculate the RSJ size/dimensions required to support the opening. - install a single spanning RSJ to support the garage/roof. - concrete/make good the floor where the central pillar was. - brick face or clad the opening to cover the RSJ.

Timeframe: asap - we need to get the RSJ install first before we can install the new door.

I imagine its a 1-2 day job dependant on the size of the workforce.

I can email pictures of inside/outside of the garage to interested parties - to make life a little easier :)