Replace electric shower and check switch and wirin - Electrical job in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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Job description

I currently have an electric shower in the bathroom that has been in the property since before i moved in over 6 years ago It has stopped working today and the toggle switch (operated with a cord) on the ceiling was extremely hot. On turning off at the fuse box it looks like it has shorted in the switch.

The Job: 1) Replace the electric shower (I will supply the new shower) 2) Check/replace the wiring and replace the pull toggle switch on the ceiling (You supply). 3) Put me at ease that turning on my shower is not going to burn the house down. 4) Be able to complete the job as soon as possible so that I don't get an ear bashing from my Mother! when she visits this weekend.

  • The following information was added Monday, 6th April, 2009 : If you happen to also be willing to do the job one evening that would be even better, but not essential


Feedback for .uec.

The job turned out to be a little more involved than originaly planned as I agreed to replace the consumer unit at the same time. Thanks to some dificulty with the original wiring by the previous owners the cost of teh work did increase by an additional £100 when it went into a second day to resolve an issue on the downstairs lighting circuit (turned out to be the neutral on the lighting circuit being wired to the socket ring I think throwing the rcd on the consumer box).
He was a good worker, very thourough and spent a lot of time on the first day (was there from 8:30 to gone 5pm) and this was on a bank holiday for a fixed cost trying to resolve the rcd issue.

I would recomend him to any body else, if I had one complaint that was only that the people working with him left a little bit of a mess on the drive outsede the house, but other than that he was very proffesional.