Remove walls dividing kitchen/dining room & bath/toilet - Conversions - General job in Upper Edmonton, North London

Job description

Create a kitchen diner by removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room. Create one bathroom by removing a wall between the toilet and bathroom. The kitchen requires additional storage in the shape of an island where the existing cupboards are against the wall which needs to be removed.


Feedback for Genesis London

Hector, and his team, were nice guys and easy to communicate with. They knew what they were doing and carried out the job relatively well. However, despite requesting that debris collection be included in the quote, they left all the rubble from the removed wall in my garden and I had to pay a firm to remove it for me. Whilst one side of the wall was plastered to perfection, the other side was inexplicably neglected with nails sticking out where the picture rail was removed. Despite asking Hector to pick up his steel wall supports, they have been in my garden for the last 6 weeks, since the work was completed and remain in my garden to this day.