Shower bath change - Bathroom Fitting job in Twickenham, Middlesex

Job description

I need to refresh my bathroom. Old acrylic shower bath is scratched, has broken front panel, and glass shower panel had to go as it was falling out. I hope that this will not be too big job but as previously done work was not perfect I assume that maybe some plumbing work around bath will be needed and maybe few tiles will need to be replaced or some other tidying up. Ideally I would like to do this reasonably quickly but I would rather wait to have this done well. I do not think that this should take more than 2 working days and weekend work is also possible if this fits better to the schedule. Please let me know if you would be interested in this work. Thank you.



Feedback for FOXBUILDING

I rarely leave feedback and almost never hire people through websites. But this is quite unique situation. I need to do this work quickly, smoothly and with as little disruption to my life as possible as I am a carer for person with cancer. And I think that Mariusz was sent to my by my guardian angel. The whole experience could not be better. From first visit to fitting day everything was smooth and quick. Mariusz and his father-in-law are very hard working and honest people. They came one minute before agreed time and started work immediately. No pottering around, no endless tea breaks, no mess. They protected half of my house although jobe was done only in bathroom. New bath and shower screen was fitted perfectly. All rubbish cleaned. I could not dream about better experience. I really recommend this team. Thank you Mariusz!!!