Blocking-up two internal openings - Bricklaying job in Bideford, Devon

Job description

Two adjacent doorways in the same internal wall to be blocked-up with 100mm dense concrete blocks laid on their sides to form a 215 mm thick wall.

One opening is 950 wide x 1850 high and the second opening is 2350 wide x 2280 high. Plaster will have been removed from sides and top of opening by client prior to start of blockwork.

Infill walls are to be laid on DPC and tied to adjacent walls with stainless steel starter ties @ recommended centres.

Builder to supply blocks and starter ties only (sand, cement, plasticiser and DPC already on site).

Please quote for labour and materials separately.

This work constitutes an alteration to a listed building and as such should be invoiced at a 0% VAT rate.



Ashley knows what he is doing, does a great job and is a nice person to deal with. This is the second job he has done for me and I would highly recommend him.