Complete 2nd fix of electrical rewire. - Electrical job in Liverpool, Merseyside

Job description

Re wire has been completed, need the 2nd fix to be completed. Approx 23 double sockets, 8 light switches, 10 light fittings, 1 external security light and 1 smoke alarm.

  • The following information was added Thursday, 2nd April, 2009 : Sorry I also need the consumer board and testing.


Feedback for F.E.S Electrical Ltd

Simon came and completed the second fix of my rewire which I was happy with, but he also completed the installation of my alarm. The day after he left I started to have problems with the alarm not setting. I contacted Simon and asked him to come and look at it, he informed me he would come and look at it the next week as he was going away, when he returned I asked him to come and look at it and he stated that it was working when he left so he wasn't going to come and look at it. Yes it was working when he left but you don't expect something to become faulty as soon as he has left. When I got another alarm technician out he had not screwed the box to the wall, and had missed a part from the sensors which is why the alarm was not setting. I would not recommend him, he is unrelieable.