Replacement or repair of ground floor kitchen joists - Carpentry job in Ipswich, Suffolk

Job description

After discovering a few bouncy boards in the kitchen, I have discovered a few of the joists (and the wall plate board) under the floor have rotted at the window end.

The area is about 2m by 3m, and lies within a larger area of extended kitchen (3m by 4.5m) which has concrete footings. I would guess there are about 6 joists of 2x4 about 2m long, and a wall plate about 3m long on the window side. There is a sleeper wall running halfway down the area. I assume the joists are set in the other wall but haven't confirmed this.

I stuck my camera down and the boards/joists look fine away from the damp area (I've located the cause of the damp and will fix that tomorrow). Not sure if it is better to replace the joists or repair/sister them.

Looking for someone to either advise or do the work ASAP. Please feel free to reply, I won't press accept unless you ask me to.


Feedback for Ipswich Carpentry Ltd

Steve was very prompt, and did the job very efficiently and I was very pleased with the new floor. Would definitely use again.