Bathroom electric towel rails / storage heater dials - Electrical job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

Source and install electric towel rail in bathroom (point needed) Source and install electric towel rail in 2nd bathroom, replacing existing heater Source replacement dials for storage heater (90s model using coin to turn them)


Feedback for Waterson Electrical

It's a shame. Elliott did a good job at a reasonable price and was polite and also very communicative up to the point of me asking for a receipt / invoice for the work carried out which was promised time and again until eventually my last two requests were simply ignored. First he said he'd drop it off. When that didn't happen I offered to send an sae for him to post it but he said it wasn't necessary. Then I suggested he simply email it which is where the communication dried up. He did say at the time of him carrying out the work that I should have asked if I'd wanted a receipt, despite me mentioning this quite clearly in the correspondence beforehand. Given that it is standard practice in the consumer world for a receipt to be given on purchase of services or goods, the onus should surely have been on him to mention that the job was cash in hand rather than assume it. No paperwork whatsoever has been provided, for the product supplied, to officiate the 12 month guarantee of his work he said he provides nor for me to offset the cost against my tax allowance for a rental property for which I'm sure HMRC will be interested in hearing about if they ask. The excuse of merely forgetting only holds true for the first few times before it becomes a case of being fobbed off and 6 weeks of being patient on my part is more than reasonable in my opinion. Hire Elliott if unspoken cash in hand suits you or you don't mind being fobbed off time and again when you ask for a receipt.