Leaking waste pipe from bath - Plumbing job in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Job description

My dinning room is directly under my bathroom. The waste pipe runs from bathroom through to the dinning room in the corner behind some boxing. The toilet, sink and bath all run into this waste pipe. When the bath is full of water and the plug pulled out then the join from the bath waste pipe leaks. This flows into the corner of the dinning room and leaves a small puddle. This does not happen when we use the shower in the bath or when we use the sink or the toiler – only when the bath is full of water. I understand that this pipe was not glued correctly when the house was built which has led to this specific joint leaking.

There is access to the pipes from dining room ceiling.


Feedback for RBC Plumbing & Heating LTD

I had a leaking waste pipe and it needed fixing urgently. This job was complicated by the location of the leak being in a very awkward spot in the ceiling of my dinning room. I had been given a quote of £300- £400 by my builder. Rob attended quickly and gave a quote of £100. He completed the work in a very conscientious manner and I was impressed with his repair which was a very clever solution to an awkward problem. He was extremely helpful and his work was first class. I have dealt with lots of plumbers in the past and Rob was the best of all of them.