Make good external stone and plaster work - Stonemasonry job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

1-Repair brick & stone gateposts and make post tops safe (ice damage)
2-Replaster front door surround (stone?) (external plaster falling off)
3-Repair front gate fittings, rehang gate, possibly new gate?
4-Repair brick wall that divides our front gate area from the neighbours
5-Remove single line of bricks between bin area and path, and tile the resulting gap.
6-Remove existing tiles on path and re-tile - current tiles lifting

Rough sizes
Gate posts:
34cm x 34 cm square
43cm x 43 cm square tops
139 cm high (right)
154 cm high (left)

280 cm high
23 cm wide (left)
12 cm wide (right)
17 cm deep

Brick wall dividing us from neighbours:
117cm long
22 cm wide

Single layer bricks dividing bin area from path:
117cm long
22 cm wide

145 cm long
95cm wide

80 cm wide (cast iron?)

Preferred materials:
Replacing brick with brick and stone with stone to original look and feel
Replacing the iron gate with a modern replica.
Using same tiles to relay the path
Use original stonework where possible / appropriate / within cost, e.g. door surround decoration at top of door.

BUT - will compromise look and feel if required depending on cost / difficulty, especially on the path.

It could well be that we cannot get afford to get all of this done, even if we compromised on look and feel and the materials used, in which case we would get only part of the total job done. Our priorities for each item are as listed in the order at the top (1 to 6).

We would like this work donw in July 2011, if possible.


Feedback for Avonstone

Matt arrived when he said he would and carried the job out exactly as per the description, and keeping to the quote. Very reliable - good job. Thanks!