Treat exterior sheds and fencing etc - Painting & Decorating job in Ilford, Essex

Job description

Its no Sistene Chapel work, but I want it left looking smart !

All work is below 8 feet high and can easily be reached with a stepladder.

Parking is normaly not a problem, cafes, toilets, shops etc close by.

Please quote price and when job can be done.

All work to be brushed off/washed as required prior to painting.

Cuprinol wood treatment:-

two sides of a 10 x 9 garden shed

three sides (two small one long) of a 14 x 7 garden shed

Both sides of 14 6 x 5 fence panels (about 7 have some trailing ivy on them one side)

one side of 8 6 x 5 panels

Sadolin wood treatment :-

13 8 feet x 2 inch posts 9 6 feet by 2 inch rails 9 8 feet by 2 inch rails 2 8 feet by 4 inch posts 1 8 feet by 5 feet window frame 1 standard sized door frame

The last two times the job has been done has taken between one and two full days.

NO SPRAYING......the last nutter that did it that way cost me over £200 in compensation to neighbours for damaged plants and washing on clothes lines.

Come round to view before quoting a price if you prefer.


Feedback for Hermes Fitters llp.

We are delighted with the work that Marius did for us, in this day and age it is refreshing to experience a young man that takes a true pride and interest in his work, and is capable of producing quality work that reflects the University training he had in his native Romania.

From the preparation of his written quotation to his meticulaous attention to calculating the materials and preparing the work, he displayed nothing short of the standards of craftsmanship that long seems to have died off within the profession.

He was puntual, committed to the job, trustworthy, worked in a logical and professional manner, and left the site spotless.

You will enjoy and value the quality of Marius's work long after you have forgotten the price, and we have no hesitation in recomending him.