Internal alterations - Extensions job in Darlington, County Durham

Job description

Obtain Building Regulations approval prior to:

Support and remove internal 2 Metre length of load bearing wall between kitchen and hallway.

Support, remove and seal chimney breast approx dimensions 2.6 x .5 x 1.5 and abutment .8 x .7 x .5 (approx area 2.25 M2)

Structural work and rubble removal required - no additional finishing required.


Feedback for CDS Builders and Joiners

C.D.S. Builders and Joiners

Having tried various 'tradesmen' over the years I have never found one that I would happily recommend... It might be that I expect too much for my money?

Well I think I have found value thanks to

Malcolm carried out the survey to see what was required to carry out the structural work and to allow us to do our own preparation / finishing / making good etc. to keep the costs down and was very flexible when we had a late change of plan to reduce the amount of work required.

Callum & Keiran carried out the structural work very quickly and everything went to plan, they took a great deal of care to minimise the mess caused by the work - there were no surprises with the exception of how quickly Callum got confidently stuck into the job.

Recommended and would use and C.D.S. Builders and Joiners again.

Thank You for a great service