Plaster - Plastering job in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Job description

plaster down stairs loo and back door enterance and patch up and make good around 3 windows have just been fitted thanks


Feedback for Fletcher's Renovations

Hired jason to do plastering and patching and tiling and painting at my house and got a complete mess he did the plastering of the windows which were ok but did nt finish what he said was going to do first day i called at the house there was mess everywere not a sheet anywere which has resulted in damaged worktops and carpets.He told me he could tile first day he did it there was no boarder in and the tiles were all over not square and un even spaced so had to take them all of and start again 2 nd day same again bath covered in broke tiles and adhesive scrached to bits new bath now needed dont say you can tile if you cant all i got of Jason when he was there were excuises that his head was a mess then last day he just came when i was nt there and vanished leaving the house in total mess and not even telling me also taking my hoover and other bits which dont belong to him totaling cost of around £200 . And just to really top it of i have had vile abusive messages threatening of Jason saying he wants paying in full for the Job thats no were near done which i have got police involved.I now have to try and make good the work he has done and replace the damaged items and stuff that is missing

Fletcher's Renovations's reply:

you started helping your self to my tools because you wanted to learn how to plaster,etc,you then said you want wanted extra work doing and you said you would help,i needed money for the extras you throw this back in my face,you was doing this so you didnt have to pay me,so i walked off the job,as for the hoover you can not accuse me of theft, because i havent stolen it,you havent called the police because you know i havent took anything,
i will pursue this to court as one offence is slander