Blocked drainage from washing machine - Plumbing job in Rotherhithe, South London

Job description

The drainage from our washing machine is partially blocked. When the machine has finished its spin and drains, approximately one to two mugs of water overflow from the end of the pipe. ie water is flowing through the pipe but not fast enough to accommodate the water load from the machine.

I have tried to clear the pipe twice with unblocking products from the local supermarket. These resolve the issue temporarily for a number of weeks but it then returns.

The end of the pipe is open and the u-bend as shown in the attached photo can be removed for better access. The partial blockage must be further down the pipe.


Feedback for Vesta Plumbing Services Ltd

Liam completed the work to a good standard as it was not as easy as expected and he had to visit twice to complete the job. Now we are asking him to do more work for us.