Remove and resposition a radiator - Plumbing job in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Job description

I have a radiator which currently sits under a window. The window is to be replaced with french doors leading to the garden. I need the radiator moved to the other wall to allow this to happen. The new doors are to be fitted in 2 weeks time so would need the job completed before then. Please let me know if you need to the job first and we can arrange a time.

  • The following information was added Tuesday, 24th March, 2009 : The pipes are in the skirting board and the radiator is to be repositioned to the adjacent wall to the one it is currently on.


Feedback for Alan's Kitchens and Bathrooms

Alan did an ok job moving and repositioning a radiator to allow for our French doors to be fitted in our dining room last year. The radiator worked fine first time and is still working to date so can't really complain on that aspect. Unfortunately, he left a gaping hole showing all the pipe work which I was not happy about so had to call him back to make it good, which he did.