Rebuild 4 courses at top of chimney stack - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Hertford, Hertfordshire

Job description

- rebuild 4 courses at top of chimney stack where bricks have eroded
- replace 1/2 tiles on roof
- repoint sections of brickwork
- fit victorian ooge guttering to front and rear of property


Feedback for kwbrickwork building with confidence

Karl re-built the top four courses of my chimney and installed some guttering, which he sourced. He's done a fantastic job. The neighbour is so impressed they have asked him to quote to do the same on their house - do I get a commission Karl ;-). A very friendly, timely and trustworthy fellow. Highly recommended - although not so highly that he gets so much work that he can't lay a patio and build a shed for me in a few weeks!!