Leaking radiator pipe under floorboards - Plumbing job in Croydon, Surrey

Job description

I have recently noticed a colourless, odourless oily liquid seeping up through the laminate flooring in my lounge. When I removed the laminate on Saturday, I realised that this is definitely coming up through my floorboards. The laminate (laid 8 years ago) was fitted very tightly, so this liquid is obviously under high pressure. The only plumbing that is close to the patch where the liquid is exiting is a radiator. That and the fact that it seems to be worse when the heating is on, leads me to believe it's a radiator pipe.

As I live in a flat with people below me, I am very concerned that this should be repaired quickly and not allowed to get any worse.

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Feedback for Home Improvement Specialist

Vasile called punctually, with only one day's notice, to fix a suspected leak coming through my lounge floor. Fortunately, the "leak" turned out to be only a bad spill that was seeping back up through the floorboards and flooring underneath, but there was no way of knowing for sure until the floorboard was lifted. Vasile was prepared to wait to establish whether there would be any further leak, but I told him there was no point in waiting around and that I would phone if there was. I was asked him what I owed him, and he rather reluctantly accepted £26. I would be more than happy to hire him again, and would recommend him.
M Thomson