Roof terrace + door + window +bathroom - Roofing job in Maida Hill, West London

Job description

The roof terrace is approx 10 feet x 25 feet and part of it has sunk so that water gathers in an area approx 12 feet by 2 feet which is on the side.
The work required is to ensure that the rain water flows of the roof so that no water gathers.

The construction of the roof is that it laid on 4"x 2" rafters. on which there are two layers of ply ( each approx 22cm) on top of each other on which there is a membrane and aphalt.

I suspect the best method of repair would be to remove the aphalt in the pool area and lift the top layer of sheet ply and insert feathered battens to level with surrounding area. It is likely that two sheets of ply will have to be removed revealing an area of 16 feet by 4 feet. Once levelled the ply sheet is to replaced and then necessary area to be aphalted.

The door to the roof terrace and window need to be replaced.
The door is approx. 20” by 60” and window is approx 20" x 36". Replacement should be in PVC.
The roof terrace is on a second floor and on the back of the property.

Underneath the roof terrace is a bathroom where a shower mixer and head needs to replace. The present shower cubical needs to be replaced and two sides need to be retiled to the height of the cubical in white plain tiles.


Feedback for Head Design Group

I have been most pleased to hire Roger Head and his team and can highly recommend as being highly professional. They completed the job within the time frame and budget to a high standard and I look forward to using their services again on a future occassion.