Replacement of cold water tank - Plumbing job in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Job description

Circular plastic main cold water storage tank leaking and needs replacing. Discovered leak today - 20 March: steady slow drip, drip from unseen source so likely from tank structure rather than unions.
Accessible from landing though mounted on wooden frame 2.8m above landing floor. (We have an open plan floor to roof-apex house and no loft as such.)
Current tank is circular, approx 60cm diameter and approx 50cm tall.


Feedback for GEP Conversions

Glenn answered our plumbing 'emergency' immediately, visiting in the mid evening after a long day at work. Next evening, again at the end of his working day, he arrived bang on the agreed time, worked through until the job was completed around 10.30pm, and yet accepted only the sum which he originally quoted for the job. His work was professional, thorough and effective. Nothing was too much trouble for him. Very highy recommended. Thank you Glenn.