To remove 8 tonnes of top soil - Groundwork & Foundations job in Twickenham, Middlesex

Job description

Top soil from an excavation of 1m deep (so half black and half sandy/clay/brown soil) to be removed from a back garden. Side access is about 7 foot wide (a Transit or Maxus can pass through) which goes from road side to soil. Soil is about 15m from road side. Please price to remove the soil (includes loading). Soil is currently heaped above ground. Free parking.

  • The following information was added Sunday, 22nd March, 2009 : Nearer 6 tonnes of soil to be dug up and removed; No hard digging required as has recently been excavated from the ground.

  • The following information was added Monday, 23rd March, 2009 : I would expect to pay £250 max.

  • The following information was added Tuesday, 24th March, 2009 : This job will only be of interest to someone with access to a tipper in order to minimise soil removal costs.


Feedback for KKW Window Limited

Mariusz inspected site & job before agreeing quote. Turns up as planned, ok, but does less than 1/4 of agreed job and demands payment, albeit reduced, essentially leaving me with same job and out of pocket.
Was not careful on customer's site.
Just another typical builder: never finishes job, wants more money, & always the customer's fault for greyed reasons based on the usual excuses (language, what customer said etc.)
At the edn of the day, this builder saw job before bidding and then did not finish job.

KKW Window Limited's reply:

Customer forgot to mention what we agreed:removing of 8t of soil. In his garden is more. I agreed to take soil for cheap price because I needed some soil to my garden.It was a possibility to both of us. I took away 6t away. Because that was less than 8t, he pays me £100. We agreed it.He wasn't an opponent. I didn't demand payment, was tactful.The negative feedback is not fair. I didn't deserve it.