Garden makeover - Landscaping job in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Job description

We’re looking for someone to help us re-design our garden to make the best use of the space we have.

Our garden is currently in two sections and wraps around the house. Its shape can be described as somewhat triangular. It is mainly lawn with a small patio area. It is not particularly level, sloping a bit in some areas with steps leading to a back gate. There are two small raised beds one of which has some herbs growing it. There is also a dwarf apple tree which we want to keep (despite it not yet giving us any apples but we live in hope!) It is new(ish) built house – 3.5 years old.

We’re not after anything fancy or complicated as we have a fixed budget, however we would like a new, larger patio area to be created, and perhaps some edging around the lawn?

We’re open to ideas and suggestions on what we can achieve within our budget and looking for someone willing to explore them with us.


Feedback for Krystal landscapes

Bruce and his colleague were hired to redesign our garden and we paid them almost £3k for it. Unfortunately, we're not at all happy with the quality of their work and therefore cannot recommend them for the following reasons:
- One of the trellises they put up fell down with a bit of wind three weeks ago because they were not secured properly. Despite promising to come and fix it, he never showed up and we've heard nothing from him since.
- It's clear that they used the cheapest materials they could get away with across the piece and their finish is also very poor - for example, they replaced the steps leading to our back gate with new slabs (one of which is cracked) but they didn't finish the edges off properly, just covered them with gravel, so it's now quite hazardous as you can lose your footing stepping near it.
- They tried to cover most of the garden with cheap gravel instead of shaping and edging the lawn area to follow the shape of the garden as we wanted and then asked for more money to change it.
- They didn't prepare the ground properly before laying gravel in some areas and now there are weeds growing through the membrane.

We now know from more reputable landscaper that we were charged way over the odds for what we got so feel rather ripped off. We trusted their judgement as we thought they were professionals but we were wrong and have learned from it. I would therefore advice anyone thinking of hiring these guys to think very carefully before doing so.

Krystal landscapes's reply:

I'm not being funny but the review you gave was outstanding when the job was done but as the wind blew one bit of trellis down months after and I couldn't get to you to rectify it when you demanded due to a loss in my family you take it down and put all this about us , so why didn't you say this months ago ..... because you were happy with it and loved it so all this is over two screws that failed in that strong wind well I am sorry . I would of rectified it if given the chance to Deal with our loss . I have 5 stars for a reason definitely not for being what you call us . I just hope customers can see this for what it is thanks.