Structural engineer needed - Architecture job in Shepherds Bush, West London

Job description


I am moving into a new property shortly and looking for a quote for a structural engineer to inspect a potential load bearing wall which we are looking to remove and relocate.

I have attached a photo as reference, the red line on the floor plan represents the potential load bearing wall which is to be removed and the blue line represent the wall which we would be adding.

If you could provide a quote which would include visiting the property, inspecting the wall and producing a report which would calculate the steal beams needed that would be great as this can then be given to our builder to perform the work.

If you could provide this by email rather than calling that would be great, I work varying hours and can't always get to the phone.




Feedback for Bischell

Site visit to the property to confirm the wall is supporting and explained what we would need. Will be returning for the drawings/calculations.