Commercial gas engineer required in aldgate, london - Gas Work job in Tower Hill, East London

Job description

I am a domestic gas engineer myself and started this project which was well within the limits I am aloud to work in. After the clients revised the drawings, they added 3 more gas appliances to the 2 initially agreed adding up to almost 90KW. Because they had to close the floors, I have installed a 40 mm track pipe from the meter to the kitchen area. There are 2 options to continue the project 1. me to finish it under a commercial engineer's supervision 2. the commercial engineer to take on the job completely

Please let me know which option you would be interested and if you require any more information.




Feedback for Hydro gas ltd

Luke was invited to inspect, test and commission a commercial gas installation in central London. He was very reliable, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Very pleased with the service provided and would definitely hire again.