Deal with a leaking pipe asap - Plumbing job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

I'm away for Christmas and New Years.

My tenants have a leaking hot or cold pipe I'm not sure, it's leaking into the downstairs flat and has caused the water to need to be off to stop the leak but my tenants are within their rights to expect the water to be on ASAP.

I need someone who is a problem solver, the pipes need to be access from the ceiling below and there is an access hatch, but the leak might not be right inside the hatch. Maybe you have an investigating camera that you can poke in to see the leak? I have one myself but I'm away as I said.

Once the leak is identified I believe it should be corrected or bypassed.

The job would need doing ASAP like tomorrow the 30th of Dec. Let me know if you're available and want the job please. I need an honest rate and I hang onto good people's numbers for future jobs too.


Feedback for plumber_bathfitter

Blessings visited an emergency problem between Christmas and New years on short notice and was extremely helpful in reducing the emergency from a major leak causing HW and CW shut down for my tenants (bad) to a minor problem which was identified as just a recent spill that had come through the ceiling.

I was away for Christmas/New Years at the time and I was looking at £300+ for a flight to return home and the loss of important time with my family.

Blessings thorough search of the problem helped to assure me that I didn't need to come home and now near a month later, no further water has come through so he was 100% right in identifying it as not an emergency.

Many thanks & I recommend him for speed and a thoroughly sensible approach.