Addition of chimney cowl (?) to stop birds nesting - Chimneys & Fireplaces job in Cardiff, South Glamorgan

Job description


I am the landlord of a 1930's semi in Rumney, and I would like to stop crows nesting in our chimney this spring. They have caused problems for a couple of years now, with noise and twigs/soot falling down into the fireplaces and even one bird getting into the house on one occasion.

My tenants do occasionally use the coal fire, so I don't want to block it off completely.

Can you give me a quote for this job?


Feedback for TaylorBuild

Nathan arrived at the time promised, and let me know he was on his way as I'd requested. He happily went to nearby building supplier for 3 extra cowls as there were 4 chimney pots rather than the one I had told him. Simple job, but done quickly and charges were reasonable - another guy had tried quoting 5 times as much!